THE OET EXAM AUSTRALIA                                      

 THE OET TEST is made up of four subtests                                                 

  OET writing, a 45 minute test ; OET reading, a one hour test; OET speaking, a 20 minute test and; OET listening, a 45 minute test.

 OET Workshop can help you reach the required 65% pass rate. 

 Passing OET (or IELTS Academic) is a pre-requisite for registration as a health professional in Australia for IMGs (international medical graduates) from non-English-speaking-backgrounds.

Time now in Melbourne: 

OET WORKSHOP 42 DAYS PACKAGE - PASS GUARANTEED 2nd August to 12th September, 2014 


If you want  100% to  get a pass at the OET exam on 9th August, then please hurry up and register in order to save your place in this unique and valuable program. OETWorkshop can run this program only for 10 candidates each time. You can enrol here right now and read more about the course below:


OET EXAM DATE  OET 42 Days Package Start Date  OET 42 Days Package End Date  Registration Status
22 Februray 11 January 21 February Closed-Course Closed
29 March 16 February 28 March

Closed-Course Closed

3 May 22 March 1 May

Closed-Course Closed

1 June 20 April 31 May

Closed-Course Closed

5 July 23 or 24 May 4 July

Closed-Course Started

9 August 27 or 28 June 8 August

Closed-Course Started

5 September 18 October 4 September Open
9 October 29 November 8 October Not Open

OET Workshop "How To Pass OET" App on Google Play is now available.

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Click to download the app 


Do not worry if you have an iOS device, the app will be available soon on iTunes 

Our main office  is  located:

Suite 402, 365 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

tel:  (03) 9670 7690

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OET 4 Day Intensive Workshop  -  for the  August 9th  2014 Test   -  

MELBOURNE based  4th to 7th August,  2014

Venue -  Queens College, Melbourne

Monday        -  OET Writing 9.30 am to 4.00 pm

Tuesday       -  OET Speaking 9.30am to 4.00 pm

Wednesday  -  OET Reading 9.30 am to 4.00pm

Thursday      -  OET Listening 9.30 am to 4.00 pm

SYDNEY   4th to 7th August, 2014


Venue:  Wesley College, Western Avenue, University of Sydney, Parramatta Rd, Camperdown 2050 

Monday       -  OET Writing  9.30 am to 4.00 pm 

Tuesday      -  OET Speaking   9.30am to 4.00 pm 

Wednesday -  OET Reading 9.30 am to 4.00pm

Thursday     -  OET Listening   9.30 am to 4.00 pm



2-WEEK online OET Preparation Course    = $295

4-WEEK online OET Preparation Course   =  $490


OETWorkshop has a proven track record and we have helped many overseas health professionals pass the OET test and work 

with confidence in Australia having mastered Australian English and the ability to communicate effectively with clients and patients.

OET exams are held in various cities around the world each month. We tutor you before the date you are looking to sit the 

OET test. OETWorkshop aims to give health professionals a smooth transition to working in their field in Australia.

View our product range or contact us for more information.



OET Centre Customer Service staff are available to answer phone calls between 1000 and 1630 hrs  AEST  

Monday - Friday.    Call  61 3   9652 0800

The OETWorkshop is not connected in any way with the OET Centre. 

If you wish to contact the OET Centre, please go to