Dear Dr. Robert           I am the IMG from Colombia, we meet in the OET workshop speaking preparation course last May.      I have passed my OET test on Jun and I would like to know if it is possible to have a catch up with you.      Looking forward to hear from you soon      Kind Regards,     Sara B. 

Hi Louise,      I am happy to inform you that I passed my OET exam  (June 2014).        Speaking and Listening got A       Reading and Writing got B   I wasn't sure what to expect of my exam but I think I must have done something right.     Definitely the 4 day intensive workshops helped me.   I am so relieved and happy.          Thank you so much for your help and support.     Regards,   Sneha M.  

Hi Jan,      This is Sarah. I passed the OET!! Yay!!        I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your amazing mentoring and help. I probably couldn't have passed without you.. I really appreciate it and I am sure you will be a great help to many other students.    All the best for your future.     Kind regards,     Sarah W

I am a doctor from Burma(Myanmar). I did a 10 hour online speaking course in May 2014. I hope you recognize me. According to your great guidance,  I needed to reduce my speed and hesitation in speaking skill.    Consequently, I passed the exam in June at the Melbourne test centre.   The result was released yesterday.    I got A in writing and B in remaining skills.    I have been taking OET exam 4 times.     I didn't get the required grade in speaking before attending your online course.          Hearty heaps of thanks to both Gerard and Marianne for guiding me in the correct way to tackle  the  speaking exam.      I am now in my home country for the purpose of extending my  Australian visa.     I really appreciate your help and efforts.

I will be leaving my country again this coming August and I am wondering if both of you would like a  souvenir from Burma. :-)  please let me know.     Again, Thank you very much,   Myo.   

Another success story from the June 1st test ...

Dear Jan and Marg,         Thank you for your incredible support. I was successful with my OET exam.      Val.

Good morning Jan, 

I have received the OET results, I have 3As and 1B in writing, thank you for your help! I appreciate your assistance a lot!      Regards     Tiana

Thanks Marg. I wouldn't have done it without Jan's support.   Phebbie    June 1st 2014  OET Test

[Phebbie got an "A" in writing and  "B" for reading, listening and speaking  -  Well done !!!]

Hi Marg,      I passed!   Thank you very much for your help     Regards    J.E.   (16 May 2014)

This is Bharosa, one of the OET candidate who attended the 4 days extensive workshop for 2nd of June exam date. I am writing to let you know that I have passed the OET, I got Bs in Reading, Writing, Listening and A in Speaking. This was my first attempt. Thank you so much for your team's support, I really found it helpful. 

re The 29 March 2014 OET test     Dear Marg        I qualified in the test by achieving A in writing , B in speaking, reading and listening.   (14 Apr 2014          Dr M.Ilyas)

From Leobert:   B for listening,reading,writing; A for speaking       thanks marg     16 May 2014

Hi Marg, 

Yes,  I did pass only after attending one day of the four day intensive! This was the writing day, a subject which I've had much trouble with in the the past. I definitely believe it was beneficial so thank you!     Souad    15 May 2014

Hi... this is Sarjit. I want to thank you for coaching and preparing me for the OET exam. I have got good new for you - I passed my OET exam, which I sat for on 29 March 2014. I got all B's and I have already applied for my nursing registration with the Australian Health and Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).     Thank you once again and please do convey my message to Amir. He was also a great help to me.  (Sarjit is another 42-day package success story)

Hi Marg, how are you.? I passed :) thank you so much.     Regards,    Mhia    14 Mar 2014   (Mhia was one of our 42-day package candidates). 

Hi Marg,      I am Jincy. I passed the exam. Thank you so much for your support and guidance.    Thank you.     14 Mar 2014. 

Dear Marg Tolliday,

I am Dr Amisha .......    who attended mock test and intensive workshop in Melbourne last month. My results of OET feb 22nd exam was declared yesterday. I got A in writing and B in rest of the modules. Your mock test and intensive workshop helped me a lot,  without which I would not have achieved this result. Thank you so much for all your help. I will definitely recommend your programmes to my friends. Thank you once again. Regards,

  I'm Dr.Pranisha. I came for intensive coaching at Melbourne from January 14 to 17. I'm happy to inform you that I cleared oet in the first attempt (January 18th exam).  I got A in reading and listening and B in both speaking and writing. Thank you for all the support. 

Dear Marg and Leigh,      I passed OET with grade A and B in all four modules. thank you so much.     Special credit to my Speaking and Writing teacher "Leigh" who is very patient, skillful and kind.    [Wai, 8 Feb 2014]

Dear Marg, I hope everything is going terrific with you. Today I am pleased to tell you that I passed the OET!You might be surprised with the results, but this is all thanks to you! The scores are all-B...I thought I could get A in speaking and Reading,  but that's OK. Again I sincerely appreciated with your time and effort for me. Please let me know if there is anything I can  help you with.

Yours Sincerely, Yusuke 

Dear Marg. Do you remember me? Finally I've passed OET. I came here in April and attended your class in Melbourne and Sydney as well. At that time I couldn't speak well but it was helpful for me. Thank you. Yoshi  

Received 15 Nov 2013:    Hello ,   I just want to tell you that i have passed oet this time as you asked me to do so , and thank you for your help Regards  Reem  

Hi Marg,  I took your OET workshop course before the exam on 5th October.  I sat with exam first time and got a result: Listening B; Reading A; Writing B; Speaking B.     I think only with help of your course I have passed the exam because it gave me a great understanding of the process and certain number of useful tips.  Thank you very much.  Natalia (Doctor)

Dear Carol,

Thanks for all your help. I didn't let you down so much though, I failed the listening aspect but I passed the speaking and writing .You inspired  me and

I thank you for that.You, as my tutor gave me 100 percent courage.  Thankyou Debbie (Pharmacist)

Hi Marg,     I am very happy to tell you that I have passed my OET.    I definitely got prepared for  my two "A" and two "B" results in your 4 days intensive workshop.    It was the best decision I have ever made.   Good educators are a rare breed. They are knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and kind.  Thank you for being an excellent educator. We know teachers like you are not easy to find.   We appreciate your time, patience and ability to make our OET preparation interesting.     Regards,   Ash(Dentist)

Dear Marg.., Warm greetings from Egypt.  It's my pleasure to let you know that I have passed the OET test with the following grades:
1_Listening : A     2_Reading : B    3_Speaking : B    4_Writing : B         I really appreciate your great and kind efforts .    Special greetings to Mr.Farrar .    Again thank you very much .     Marcos.

Dear Marianne      Im really happy that I can send  good news!   Thanks to you, I passed the speaking! I passed the exam:))

Thank you so much for your great help and support!   Im really happy and excited to be here now! I don't have to go back to my country lol 

I hope one day I will see you:)    Hope you have a wonderful week!    Thanks million    Jennifer    From Brisbane

Hi Marg    I passed my Oet test, which I sat in August. Thanks for your help and good tips.   Prince 

Hi Marg,    I passed the OET test at my first attempt on 17 August 2013. I have found your workshop very helpful. All the tutors are awesome. I am very glad that I have attended your intensive speaking day and passed the test after that. I cant say enough to thank all the tutors at OET workshop.  Regards,   Lien

Hi Carol,
Thank you so much for your guidance and suggestions during OET sessions. It helped me a lot to pass OET.Thanks for your support.

Regards, Spriha Nurse

Dear Marg, I have cleared OET in August exam with all 4B's. It was my second attempt. I really wanted to thank you for your wonderful help. Because of your support, I was able to identify my mistakes. Thank you, Regards Sahira

Hi, Marg : I have passed the OET on 30 JUNE. That was my third attempt.  I found OET workshop very helpful, especially for someone like me.  I needed more training for writing, and  individual correcting is a really  good way to help the students pass the writing test.  I would like to suggest to all my friends who are doing OET -  go for OET WORKSHOP.  I got my nursing registration recently, I cannot thank you enough  Marg.... Take care and thanks for helping me.   J Wang 

Dear Marg, I passed the OET exam and I need to thank you for your precious help. Your classes are very good, you and your team are doing a wonderful work. I have learned a lot due to your efforts and I really have not enough words to say how grateful I am. I was very scared of this exam and I was not very confident but you teach students the right things and...I passed.Thank you so much. I wish I could work with you, as you are such a pleasant, friendly and professional person.
Best regards Manuela

Hi Jan - I got B in all 4 areas of the OET (June 2013)  - thanks for your support.  
Rizwana, Doctor

Hi Marg, This is Jenny, i think you still remember  me :) I went to the intensive training course for my writing and speaking. I am so pleased to tell you that I passed my OET test on 30/06/2013. I got 4 B's. I just want to say thanks a lot for helping me all the way with my English study. Now I am waiting for a full time job interview in the Hospital. I will highly recommend anyone who wants to do OET to enjoy your class. You are very professional and friendly. I hope one day I can see you again - I need to give you a hug!

Hi Marg, I just heard from Rashna. He got two As and two Bs and is a happy camper. 
Cheers, Roz

Dear OET tutors, I am delighted to inform you all that with your help and support I have been successful in my last Occupational English Test. I believe each International student, who is struggling to pass the English exam, should seriously consider applying for this 2 or 4 week OET course. This Course gave me confidence and baseline criteria for each subtest. I would like to take an opportunity to say thanks to all of you. I am very grateful for all your feedbacks and support. Much Appreciated
Kind Regards, Roma

Dear Marg, I passed OET,  thanks for your generous assistance. I believe passing OET without your help was nearly impossible for me.I have got 4 Bs.   
Regards, Fatemeh

Dear Marg,  Sorry for the late email, i just wanted to let you know that i passed OET.   Got 2-A and 2B , Reading and speaking I got B , rest A.   I was actually quite surprised by my B in Speaking i thought it went really well.    Reading , I think was a bit difficult this time.   Anyways, sorry i could not personally come and meet you as i have to fly back to Mumbai,India tomorrow but i shall come and visit you once i am back in August.  Thank you so very much, could not have done it without your help.   
Kind Regards, Sonal D.   

Dear Carol, I passed my OET exam this time. Thank you very much for your help. 
Regards, Satila 

Hi Marg, Hi Marianne, Thanks for your help. I got all Bs scores. Sorry for the late news. More power to you and to OETworkshop. All the best.   
Regards, Mary Ann

Hi Marianne, I am so glad to inform you that I passed my OET exam this time. Thank you so very much for all the support you gave me in preparing for the exam.. Your handy tips really helped me a lot in speaking.. 
Thanks again.. Regards Rinal

Dear Marg, I have passed the 16/03/2013 OET with overall A grades. I would like to thank you very much for guiding me in the right direction. I am happy to contribute to the review page for the OET workshop; if there is any.
Kind regards, Swati

Dear Marg, I am one of your students at the OET workshop in Melbourne. I got the result for the 16th of March and i passed with 2 A's and 2 B's. Im very thankful to be in your class! You are such a good mentor and I will highly recommend you to other people who are planning on sitting OET/IELTS. THANK YOU!!!    
Regards, D

Hi Marg.. It's Brijesh here. Just want to let you know that I have cleared OET. I got B, A, A and B. I am very thankful to you for your kind help and support during my preparation.

Dear Marg, I pass the OET because of your generous assistance. Saying thank you is not enough. No words to thank you. I can move on now.  

Hi Marianne! I finally passed my OET. Can you believe I scored A in speaking. Thank you  so much for your advice.

Dr Wai said "I have passed !"

Atoosa passed!  Another excellent  high-level Nurse ready to make a contribution to Australia’s health system.  

Hi Marg, How are you? May I take the opportunity to say thank you to you? I passed it. I had A in Reading and Listening, and B in other papers. I really appreciate your help on my writing.   
Kindest regards, Quinch

Dr Madhuri has passed OET! B B B and B.
Well done Madhuri!

Dear Marg, I just want to let you know that i passed the oet!! Thanks a lot for your help,i was very happy to meet you and your advices were precious. all the best.

Hi Marg, This is Laxmi  -  Nurse from Nepal who attended your OET intensive class for 19 January 2013 test. I was able to pass OET exam scoring B in each module (overall band score of B) and i am really happy and i want to thank you and your teaching team a lot. Your classes are really helpful and I have recommended some of my friends to attend your classes for OET. Once again thank you a lot for your wonderful help.

Dear Marg, I am Parham one of your students at a previous OET workshop. I passed my oet exam!!!! speaking : A reading : A writing : A listening : B Thanks for your nice and very useful workshop.

Dear Marg I have passed the OET exam that was held on 24 nov 12. I appreciate your efforts at the OET Workshops & I strongly recommend anyone who wants to clear OET to attend these Workshops - they are very helpful. I believe I wouldn't have made it without your guidance. 
Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely Ali one of your OET workshop students in Sydney

Dearest Marg, Saying thank you isn't enough - especially now that I passed the OET and that is because of your generous assistance. YES I DID IT! After such a long time waiting for the dream to come true, now, and because of what I gained from your Workshops, I can finally start aiming high....I'm not stuck behind bars anymore. I feel free. Christmas Eve is my birthday and that was the first & the most precious gift for me. A very merry Christmas & a happy new year to you and your beloved husband and family.
Keep well - yours faithfully, Christine A.

Dear Marg and Leigh, I got my results from my exam (oet) and i got all B! Thank you very much for guiding me during my review and thank you for believing in me. All I can say is thank you very much!!!

• G.M.Ahmed from Saudi Arabia

• Hany, a GP in Egypt

• Dr Nikrou, GP living in Melbourne

• Sigeesh, a GP living in Queensland

Hello dear Marg, I passed the OET exam, I am so happy now, and want to thank you for all your support. Thank you so much.
Regards, Fataneh

Hi Marg, I have cleared my oet with A in listening and B in the rest. I had attended your intensive 4 day course in Melbourne. I really appreciate your efforts. I am so happy to share this. Thanks you very much. I truly believe your course is worthwhile and you are doing a great job.
Respect and regards, Jiwanjyot

Dear Marg and Marianne, I am Helen, who is writing to express sincere thanks to you both because I have passed my OET. I believe that I couldn’t have made it without your help. Anyway, I don’t want to go for registration via a 3 months intensive bridge course because I want to continue my course at Uni and get a Bachelor’s degree in Australia - my friends remarked that I am crazy. They don’t know that I have greatly appreciated the opportunity of going back to school at my age. Thank you for your time and sharing in my happiness. 
Best wishes - Helen D.

Hi Marg, I am one of your students who attended OET workshop in Sydney on 24th/09/2012. I am really grateful that i had you as my mentor. I really think that this workshop was very very helpful to me. I am really happy to let you know that i got the desired score in all 4 items. I think if I had not got ideas and guidance from you - with your guidance and assistance I was successful in passing OET at the first attempt.
Thank you very very much and i would recommend all my friends to come to you for classes.
Thanks and Regards, Aastha Koirala

Thanks lord I passed and certainly I would recommend your Workshop for other pharmacists.

Hi there Amir - How are you going??
Fine .I did it :) He passed the OET !!

Hi thanks for your help i cleared my OET with B in all. Thanku so much
Marg Tolliday: Thanks for letting me know! That's fantastic news! Well done! All the best for the future .....

Hi Marg, This mail is just to thank you, that I have scored B in all 4 sections of OET test. Your programme was very helpful & special thanks to Leigh also.
Thanks again Litty M

Dear Marg, I got grade 'B' in all section , so do not have to sit again. I would like to say thank you so much for all the effort you made to help me cross the line. Attending the workshop was a real help. Please give my regards to the rest of tutors.
Kind regards, Sadaf

Hi Marg, Hope you remember me, I was there for your intensive classes this October. I am very glad to inform you that I passed my OET with LISTENING = A, WRITING = B, SPEAKING =B and READING = B and this was my first attempt. You are my saviour, the intensive classes really helped me a lot. I have many friends who are struggling to pass this exam and I have already suggested them your course. Thanks again - you are a champ.
Thank you Thank you Thank you. Kind regards, Trupti (Nurse)

Dear Marg, I passed the OET exam and I need to thank you for your precious help. Your classes are very good, you and your team are doing a wonderful work. I have learned a lot due to your efforts and I really have not enough words to say how grateful I am. I was very scared of this exam and I was not very confident but you teach students the right things and...I passed.Thank you so much. I wish I could work with you, as you are such a pleasant, friendly and professional person.
Best regards Manuela     

Dear Marg, Hope you are doing OK. I am Dr.Rajitha  who attended OET workshop, Melbourne in August.I got my result ABBB , A for listening.Thank you Marg for all your support and suggestions during and after the course .I really appreciate your quick response through email to clarify my doubts.Thanks to all the team members at OET workshop for their valuable comments during speaking and writing.
Regards Rajitha

Dear Jan
This is my result ;)   A A A  and B for speaking!!   Thanks for all your help and guidance.
Regards, Sepideh

Hi Marg and Marianne, I passed OET today with grade B and I'd like to say "thank you". Thanks so much for all of your support.  
With regards, Kyaw Aung

We have also had phone calls from successful OET candidates:  Jenny in Singapore (who attended the 4day Melbourne intensive), Grace

Hi Marg, I have cleared the OET exam with Gr B in  all 4 modules. Thank you very much for your help. Hope you remember me. i was in OET workshop in Melb in OCT. The one and only physio!!. Thanks a lot Marg!!!
Regards, Manju

Hello Marianne, how have you been. I passed my OET speaking, i can't believe it. I got C on listening and reading tests and B on writing and speaking.   I was expecting to pass the listening and not the speaking, but it was the opposite. Thank you so much for everything.
Regards. J

Good Afternoon Marg, I am Sumit from India. I took IELTS speaking classes from you. Thanks for your teaching and useful suggestions. I have got 7 each in IELTS and my overall band score is 8 Band. Listening - 8.0 , Reading - 9.0 , Writing - 7.5 , Speaking - 7.0

Dear Marg I want to tell you I passed OET. Writing A, the rest B. Thank you so much for your help and support. I do appreciate your kind help.
Regards, Moe

Dear Marg, I passed the oet exam with four Bs. Thank you for your support. Your four day intensive program and practice exercises were so helpful and I improved my skills. I would like to appreciate your support after that course. You corrected my letters and your comments also really helpful. I couldn't believe this.. I am so happy about my results...Thank you so much again.
Kind Regards Narmada

Dear Marg, How are you? Today I got the results for the 18 th Aug OET. I scored grade A in Listening ,Reading and Writing. And got grade B in Speaking. First of all my heartfelt thanks to you for guiding me in the right direction and giving me positive and encouraging comments. In your last email you wrote to me -" You have strong English skills" and that's greatest appreciation I have ever got so far for my English. Thanks again for organising such a wonderful course and helping candidates to go forward in their career.
Regards, Dr.Ramya

Dear Marg, Finally, I passed the exam. I want to thank you and Marianne for your help and also for the useful, practical sessions that we had. As a student, I could see that you put so much energy to have a useful session and it was obvious that your goal was teaching not just taking student's money. I have learnt so many things from you and know I need to study more.
All the best, Nima.

It's me again... I have a good news this time , I have passed my IELTS exam: listening= 8 reading =8 writing =8 speaking=8 Remember I came to you for one face to face writing class 3 to 4 weeks ago .
Many thanks for your guidance and tips.

This is Carrie, one of your students. I hope you still remember me! I just want to tell you that I just passed the OET test and thank you so much for your help. Now I am preparing my dentistry exams which is even harder, but I will try my best.
Thank you once again!

Dear Mrs Tolliday, hello thank you so much I passed OET. I greatly appreciate you support.
Kind and best regards, Ataullah

Hi dear Marg, I've got my results.A in listening and reading,B in writing and speaking. Thank you for your help and support.
Regards Maryam

Hi Marg,This is Anita (nurse) ,who was with you for 4 days intensive class.Thanks for all your guidance and effort for making me able to pass the test at first attempt.I got A in reading and B in all other...
Thanks again Anita

Thank you Marg , I passed the OET exam. Got A in writing and B in the other three modules.
Thanks again Sunil.

Hi Marg, This is Raman here. I hope you remember me..( Dentist from India). I have cleared my OET test with Listening-B, Reading-B, Writing-A, and Speaking- B. Thank you so much for your help and cooperation. I made it only because of your trust in me.
Warm Regards, Raman

Hi Marianne, The results for the May OET are out, and i have passed it =) with 3As in reading, listening and speaking. I got a B in writing. Thanks for all the help and encouragement! The good thing about the test being held in Singapore is that the interviewers are Singaporeans, so their slang is similar to mine.For the speaking practice with you, I felt that you did a Great Job! Thank you for giving me the important tips! Especially on how to start and close the conversation. This is because the interviewer just started the test by talking about her concern. So, i had to introduce myself first, then proceed with the tasks given.Your tips proved useful for the test =) Just encourage the other students to incorporate speaking english into their daily life =) Once again, Thanks!
Warm regards, Soon

Hello Marg, How are you doing? This is to inform you that I got my results from OET May examination and I have got an 'A' Grade in the writing section. Many thanks to your efforts for the success. I will be appearing again in the  OET July test as I got 'C' grade in reading section. Thanks again.
Warm regards,  Jahanvi  

Dear Marg and Marianne, Thank you very much for your help. I passed the OET test, got B for all the bands. Pretty happy about it, even though I expect more, but in the end of the day I passed, that's all matter. Now it's just matter of finding a job.  Anyway, I really appreciate your support and help during my OET preparation, it's been such a great help as I studied for 1 month only. I wish you all the best for the future, and I won't hesitate to recommend your course to my friends. 
Best regards, Sitha  

Dear Marg, I just got my test results. I scored B in Listening and writing and speaking. I scored A in Reading.
I wanted to thank you very much, the course was very efficient and useful as well as speaking sessions with Carol. Thank you again.
Kind Regards, Mahmoud M  

I received my OET results and  was surprised to get an A to my speaking and B in the 3 components. i believed that you really helped a lot in the intensive workshops. Thank you for all the advises and techniques that i had able to apply during the test. more power to you and God bless you richly.

Dear Marianne, I got my results and I am very much pleased to let you now that I have passed oet scoring 4 Bs. I was worried about my speaking part however your instructions proved to be helpful. I am very very grateful to you for your kind and fruitful contribution. Peace be upon you.
Regards,  Ajmal K

Dear Christian, How are you going? Hope every thing is fine. My speaking exam was very good. Your advices were very helpful. The examiner was very friendly so I hope my the result will be a pass in everything :) Will tell you the result as soon as they send it to me. 
Take care, Regards, Sama

Dear Marg, Thank you very much for your feedback. I think I did fine at the OET exam & hopefully I'll pass. 
I kept remembering your advice for the exam & I can say the course was quite helpful.
Thanks again & best regards, Tina

Hi Marg, I would like to say thank you again for all your assistance and guidance especially in Speaking . I would reccomend your website to anyone who is intending to take the test specially to Iranians.   I think you had a plan to come to middle east and India .I will be happy to see you in Iran.There are many places for sight seeing here.  Meanwhile,I contacted the website you mentioned and told them you introduced me about their company. I hope to see you in Iran before moving to Australia.
Best wishes, Sina

Hi Marg, I'm Chumanee. I've passed OET in March after 4Cs in Speaking since 2007.Finally I've got a 'B' in speaking. Thanks a lot...

Hello Marg, How are you? Marg ,I have passed OET test with A in writing and B in all others subtests.Thank you Marg you have taught me to write very well, without your help it was not possible for me to pass this exam. Thank you, Dr B.M. Northern NSW.

Thx Marg and your team so much! I got 4B's on the 17th Mar OET exam in one sitting.
Heartfelt gratitude, Cherry

Hello Marg, This is Toralben here. I have received my results for OET and I got B in all. Thank you so much for help and guidance.
Regards, Toral.

Hi Marg,I just got my OET results last Friday, and I passed it! I got a B for listening, A for reading, A for writing and B for speaking.

Marg, This is Dr N Y T. zhope you remember me. I just like to let you know that I've passed the oet test and I've got BBAB. I'd like to say thank you for your help. Thank you very much for your help and feedback in helping me prepare for the speaking module. I just got my OET results and passed!   I got a B for listening, A for reading,  A for writing and B for speaking.
Kind regards, Doreen

Hi Marg, Thank you for your email. Of course your class was helpful. After my first attempt at OET - which I failed in speaking, I totally lost my confidence but Marianne gave it back to me. I'm so happy to have attended your class and will advise my friends to do so. Marianne said that you want me to come to Altona and talk to other students about my experience. I would like to do that and will do my best to make it. 
Kind regards

Dear Marg, thank you a lot I pass my OET (Finally), yahoooo, really thank you ur wonderfull thankssssssssssssssss alot.

Hi! Thanks a lot dear Marg, my OET was passed. It is because of your help and kindness.

Dear Marg, Thanks for your help throughout OET preparation. Now I'm glad to let you know that I have passed all four modules of OET with B grade.
Thanks, Ripal

Hello Marg, How are you?... I'm on the top of the moon and the reason is that I got 4 A's on my OET!!!      I hope I won't need to sit this exam any more but I'd like to keep in touch with you. Thank you very much for all your support and guidance.
Best regards, Maria R

Hi Marg, It is just to inform you that i cleared my OET - AAAA. Thanks for all your guidance.

I am Rodney, your student. I am writing to tell you I passed my OET.  

Thank you for everything you have done for me in that 4 weeks. 

Hi Marg, I have received my OET results online: A in speaking and listening and B in reading and writing. Thanking you, regards,

Hi Marg, Just writing to let you know that I got my OET result today. I passed (got 3A's and 1 B)! Thank you for helping me brush up my skills through your 2 weeks programme...It was wonderful! Thank you Marg... Would recommend your programme to others too. 
Regards, Shiphali

Hi Marg, I have got my result now. Unfortunately I have got C in listening and reading for the third time but because of your great assistance I have got B in writing and speaking.
Thanks, G

Dear Marg, I passed 26 Nov OET exam. Thank you for your help and it was very reassuring.
Cheers, Shahin

Phone calls from Masood, (B B B B); Harpreet (B B B B); Ara (A A B B) all passed the test.

Dear Marg and Carol, I would like to thank you very much for the help you have given me during two weeks course. I have received my OET results and I passed with BBBB. I appreciate your efforts and I would recommend you to any of my friends that needs to pass OET .

Dear Mrs Tolliday, I have got a good news, fortunately I passed the OET exam on 8th October. I really couldn't achieve without your kindly attention and help. I will book some speaking and writing sessions for my friend, Mahmoud.
Cheers, N

Hi Marg, I have passed OET. The only "A" I got was in reading. I followed your advice in listening of writing abbreviations initially, but they didn't give any time for revision at the end of part A. I was worried about that. However, I have passed.    
Thank you

I have passed oet this time, thankyou for your help. You guys are doing great job! 
MARG TOLLIDAY: Thanks Saba! Good to get your feedback - and the fantastic news! Well done. All the best for the future.

Marg!!!!!! I passed OET! Thank you so much for your help :) 

Hello Mrs.Tolliday, I am Dr. J - the one with the bad handwriting...I passed the OET
Thank you for your patience and effort, Take care

Hi, Marg, I'm Michelle, I passed the Oct OET test. Thank you very much for your great help. Reading A, other 3 sections are B.

Hi Marg, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the October 8  OET test – all Bs.  Thank you for all your support over the last six months.  Really appreciated.
Doctor, Iran

I took your intensive 4 days prep course the end of September. I just want to let you know that I HAVE PASSED OET!!!!!!!  (all Bs) Thank you very much for all your assistance!!!!!!     
Best regards, (H) Japan 

I finished my [Nursing] course in 2009, and I had spent most time taking OET exams for 2 years (More than 8 times). My weakest part was reading so I studied with Marg for one month, then I finally passed the OET and have been working in a public hospital as an RN.  Marg's OET site is absolutely great. You can pass if you study with Marg. I really appreciated her help. She saved my life!!!!
Thank you, Amy

Dear Marg, Today is my lucky day, I have passed OET with 3Bs and an A in reading. I want to thank you again for all your great tips, walkthrough and kind support. I am currently in my country Iran and will come back to Melbourne next month. Thanks a million. 

Dear Marg, I have good news to tell you, I have passed the OET test. I am very happy with the results and I want to thank you for your help. 
All the best. 
Cheers, Marivel

Dear Marg, This is to let you know that I passed OET exam. I have got four B passes. 
Kind regards, Dammika 

Dear Marg,Thank you for your help. yessssssssssss.............I've finally passed the OET. Thank you very much. I hope to see you again as I miss you. 
Yours sincerely Zahra

Dear Marg, Hope this message finds you well. I saw yesterday the results....thank God I passed. I got B in all the subjects. 
Thank you for all your help. 
Kindly, Ericka

Dear Marg, 
Thank you for your great support in the four days workshop preparing for OET. I have enjoyed very much the classes with other students. The test on 12th Mar 11 was not as hard as I expected. However, as you have mentioned many times in the workshop there certainly was not enough time to complete all questions, especially Part A in reading (gap fillings) and also the listening test was a bit tricky as well. In writing, there was a lot of details about the patient for the discharge letter. I was very nervous and uncomfortable during the interview even though the interviewer was talking very friendly all through the interviewing.
I would like to say thank you to you and all your staff again. Without your support, I could not have sat the OET confidently. If my result was not successful I might need your help again to prepare for the next test in May. 
M.L. (Sydney)

Hello Marg,
I can't believe it.I passed OET.I am really pleased. Thank you so much for training me.You really made me confident. 
Regards, Flora

Dear Marg, I'd like to thank you and for your friends helping us to manage the OET test. I did it, they just put the results on the internet. 
Listening: B        Reading: B      Writing: A       Speaking: B
THANK YOU! I am absolutely sure that without your course I wouldn't have done it. 
You were right: they treated us like stupid people, it was very frustrating. But it was easy to handle it because you prepared us what to expect.
So again, thank you very much for your help.

Hello Marg,
I have got B' for the oet test. Thank you for your help. 
Thank you, Vineetha

Hi Dear Marg, 
I am happy to tell you that i could clear the OET exam, 2B and 2A in writing and speaking, I can not believe that but really thank for your efforts, for everything you did, for your encouragement and prayers. 
Cheers, Rana

I am writing to inform you that finally I passed  my OET with (4B),although I was not satisfied with my speaking. I wanted to say thank you because of your efforts and your humanity. Thank you because of every thing. 
Thank you, Masood

Marg..I love you so much!! I passed my OET..thank you so much Marg.
Ange  (Angela)

Hi Marg, Finally I cleared the OET and I got B, A, A, B 
Many thanks for your kind help and support and definitely we will celebrate together. 
Cheers, Mohamed

Hi Dear Marg,
Hope you are well. Fortunately I passed OET and I got A in writing thanks to your help. I will never forget your help.
Kind regards, Maryam

Dear Marg, At last I passed my English on Nov 20th, thank God it's over. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the ongoing support, God bless you and your family. Please enjoy your holiday season and Merry Christmas.
Regards, Zahra

Hello, I would like to let you know that I passed OET. I got A in Listening and grade B in all other components. I would like to thank  you for your guidance and great help. I am grateful to you for your support.
Thanks, Swati 

Yeah - I did pass Marg. Thank you very much for your help...I really appreciate it.
Sara A-Z

Hi, Thanks, I checked it on line and I got B for all subtests. I appreciate what you have done for me. 
Yours sincerely, Beshoy

Hello Mr. Christian, By God's grace, I have passed the speaking test. Thank you for your help. You are so kind and your name 'Christian' is really suits to you. 
Thank you, Vineetha

Dear Marg, I'd like to tell you with great pleasure that I passed this test successfully. I've got my results just 30 minutes ago. I'm so happy, and I really, appreciate the great attitude that you offered me especially in writing and one day speaking session, which was held the day before the test. I got 3 Bs and A in writing, and I do believe that your feed back had a great impact on my writing skills. Thank you again, 
Regards (BA)

Dear Marg, I got my IELTS results today and i got the following scores:
Listening 7   Reading 6   Writing 6.5  Speaking 6.5  Overall 6.5

Dear Marg, The good news is that I passed. I scored A in listening & writing & B in reading & speaking. At the moment I am very happy and also i would like to thank you once again for all your support.
N. Pakistan

Dear Marg, I'd like to tell you  with great pleasure that I passed this test successfully. I got my results just 30 minutes ago. I'm so happy, and I really  appreciate the great help that you offered  me especially in writing and one day speaking session, which was held the day before the test. I got 3 Bs and A in writing, and I do believe that your feedback had a great impact on my writing skills.Thank you again,
Regards, Bashar

Dear Marg, Yes, I have passed the oet finally, with A in Reading and all others B. Yes, I have passed the writing subtest with B grade. My Big trouble.
Thank you very very very much for your help and support, yes I was confident in the writing subtest this time after I joined your oet writing workshop online. 
You are a great English teacher, you deserve the best always and I will advise everyone to join your workshop before doing the OET.  
Thank you very much. Regards, Dr. K

Hi Marg, I'm Dr K. C. I passed in the OET October test. I got all Bs. I'm very happy with that!
Thanks for everything, all the best.

Hi Marg, I have got B in Listening, Reading & speaking and I got A in writing - thank you for you help. Now I am moving to the next process for the Nursing Registration. 
Regards Raj

Hi Margaret! Sorry, sorry for the late reply. It was a difficult month. Anyway..I have good news..I PASSED OET YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I am very vey happy! 

Hi Marg, I can see the problems of my essay after I saw your remarks which are straightforward and instructive. I also appreciate the Internet information you sent to me and even let me to use your username!
I will practise more as you said, and contact you when I need your help again.
Best regards, Jenny

Dear Marg, I got my OET results for August and I just passed it, I cleared them all with B grade in all categories. 
The words cannot express how I am thank full to your efforts with me, four trials was too much for me and every repeat required tremendous effort for me to sit the exam. 
Thank you again and again. I hope to see you one day when I am in Melbourne and I will be there soon. Let me dry my tears now and see you soon.
Take care Haidar

Thank you very much for your kind reply. Yes, I found the grammar booklet very helpful. Thanks for that. Always your feedback encourages me to keep working hard and even it affects my thesis writing which is wonderful. Please, feel free to let me know about my mistakes. Always my dad advises me that just the best friends let you know your mistakes. So you are one of my best friend. 
Thanks Marg.

Dear Mrs. Marg Tolliday, I am greatly thankful for your unlimited support and guidance. You were one of my best teachers I ever met and I am very proud that I was one of your lucky students. Your passion for teaching, non-stopped support and assurance made me more powerful and encouraged to extract what was hidden inside me. Feeling that my teacher was beside me all time made my skills sharper and directed to the point.

During the last few days I could not write to you because I was overwhelmed with exam, and I am extremely sorry that I could not do my last minute speaking preparation because we started the exam late and then finished late, around 02:30 pm. However; I was confident and calm which made me do relatively well in the exam. Now I am trying to relax and suppress my thinking about the exam, and hopefully waiting for a good result. 

You have a great shiny reputation in Melbourne, and one of my friends strongly recommended your courses. Regrettably, I came form a very long distance to attend your course but I did not see you. However; with help of god and searching hard I got your contact numbers and thankfully I met you. 

Having had in this experience, I would do my best to help my colleagues in Saudi Arabia and conduct the best of it by distributing your e-mail and contact numbers, after your permission, and guiding them to your website. I do not think they will attend your live courses in Melbourne but I am confident that they will enrol in your online courses. 

You are one of the Australian treasures that should be kept in a very safe glassy place to send its light without being hurt. God bless you
Your one-day Saudi student, REDA

Hi Marg, Thanks a lot for your support and giving me strength.
Regards, (Doctor)

Hi Marg, Thanks a lot for your email. I passed the exam with B in all skills thank you once again
Regards (Doctor)

Hello Marg, I am very happy to inform you that I have cleared OET exam with Listening A and all other modules B. I am very grateful to you for your guidance and support.
Thank you very much, (Dentist)

Dear Marg, I am willing to give my comments about the grammar book. It is well organized. You have included all the important and interesting grammar points there.  Everything is explained clearly and simply... I can learn many words relating to medicine while concentrating on grammar. It will also be helpful for speaking. I see this book as multipurpose ... I give you my heart-felt wishes to continue with worthy causes like this. 
Yours truly, Tharangi

Dear Marg, The OET results are out, and guess what? I cleared my exam with 'B' in listening, reading and writing and 'A' in speaking. I am extremely relieved! I greatly appreciate all your support and can't thank you enough.   
Thank you once again. 
Kind regards, Seema

Hello Marg, Hope I could be there to thank you personally for helping me pass this test. I do not know how to thank you, yes I got an A, I was very surprised. Any way this credit goes to you. Marg if you ever come to Brisbane, I would be honoured to have you at my place so, please keep me posted. 
Many thanks and warm regards, Brisbane Doctor

Hi Marg, Remarkable, but I got 4 B in OET test!!!! The results were announced today. Thank you very much for your help. The intensive preparation course with you was fundamental for my success. 
Best wishes, Dr F, Royal Women's Hospital, Victoria, Australia.

Hello Marg, It's Sabina here. I got the results of my OET today and I have passed. Listening- B, Reading- A, Writing- B,  Speaking- B. Was hoping to get another A in Speaking, but I'm happy. I don't know about the other results. Thank You very much for all the help you have provided. 
Best regards, Sabina

Dear Marg, With thanks a million for your kindness, I apologize you that I have replied your e-mail so late. Actually in the last week I have not had internet access all the times. As you might have heard, in my country internet is sometimes disrupted; moreover, I have not been in a good mood recently and it is because of all the problems that we have faced recently here. In spite of all disappointing problems I am trying and I think it might have a good effect for younger compatriots. I paid attention to the last corrected writing and rewrite it but I was not sure whether I should send it or not. With hope that in future our children would be able to live freely,
With regards, Mitra

Hi everyone, Finally I got my midwifery registration and I will start my career on 21/09/09 in a Private Hospital. Thanks for your help, support and prayers. It's a big achievement for me as the process was so time consuming and tests were extremely hard. I 'm very happy.
Regards, Firouzeh

Dear Marg, I attended in your OET writing classes (a 4-session and a one-day). I would like to tell you that I passed my OET and I think your class was really helpful to let me pass the exam. Many thanks for your help.
All the best, Roya

Dear Marg, I passed this language exam (OET) on 28/11/2009 in Melbourne. Thank you all what you have done for me. Thank you very much. Lastly, I shared with you: I have to stress that God give me the confidence and a hope. It is very powerful. I am pretty sure that every dot in our life is God's plan. You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - marriage, exams, life, family, work, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
All the best, Don  

Dear Marg, Iam pleased to inform you that I have passed the OET exam. I got A in Listening and reading, B in Writing and speaking. Really I appreciate your help and guidance in the writing practice and promise I advise any person who is intending to take the OET to participate with you. Again, am grateful for your help and advices. 
Kind regards, Shinnag (Jordan)

Hi Marg, This is Dr.Saira from your OET writing class. Marg I passed the march test with A-Grade in the writing component. Thanks for your guidance and support through out the session.I got A-Grade in writing n listening, and B-Grade in reading and speaking. Thanks a lot. 
Kind Regards, Dr.S.B.

Hello Marg, Finally I did it, I passed the OET, my score was BBB and A (speaking the highest). I was waiting the result on Friday but, the people from OET didn’t published (They did it today). So, if everything goes well, I will start working on the third week of May [2010]. Thank you Marg for all your support advice and help, without your help I think I couldn’t pass the test. I’ll be in touch and tell you the news from here. 
Cheers, Camilo