To pass the OET Reading Test the candidate needs to correctly answer 65% of the questions.

The OET Reading Test is in two parts and takes one hour. Changes to Part A of the test have been in place since March 2010. 

  • Part A of OET Reading is four short pieces of text / statistical information / dot point list / short paragraphs - which candidates need to read and then complete 25 - 30 gaps in the summary document. 15 minutes is allowed for this test. Time management is critical.
  • Part B of OET Reading requires the candidates to read two short pieces of text and then answer 7 or 8 multiple choice questions for each short piece. Again, time management is critical.  

For OET online assistance for preparing for your OET reading test we can provide you with OET practice materials, or if you are in Melbourne, come to one of our OET courses.