OET Workshop has a†collection of resources for you to access to help prepare and practice for your OET exam or†IELTS test. Simply complete and submit the form below and you will have access to a range of free OET Workshop resources including:

  • Grammar for Health Professionals (11 pages)
  • Download the† OET Test Overview† .pdfhere

  • Weblink to free sample exercises on the OET official website:†

  • The Importance of Confidence - a PDF detailing some ways you can gain confidence with your English speaking, reading writing and†listening

  • Video weblink to recent broadcast on the demise of the Country G.P. shown on ABC television

  • OET Workshop's Little Book of Corrections†- A sample of writings from former OET candidates who have studied with us

  • IELTS or OET - Which one is best? - A table to help you decide whether IELTS test or OET test suits your needs best

  • Abbreviations used†in Dental case studies

  • Abbreviations used in Medical case studies

  • Getting the Patient Encounter Off to a Good Start - a PDF on how to establish a rapport with patients

  • A Party Game / mind-teaser


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Basic Grammar for Health Professionals
The Importance of Confidence
OET Workshop's Little Book of Corrections
IELTS or OET - Which one is best for me?
Abbreviations used in Dental case studies
Abbreviations used in Medical case studies
Getting the patient encounter off to a good start
A Party Game for Health Professionals

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